CompPair is in the top 5 self-healing materials startups.

CompPair has been selected as one of the 5 top self-healing materials startups from a pool of 113 self-healing solutions. Thanks to HealTechTM’s unique healing capability in the composite industry, composites can now repair porosities, cracks, and delamination up to 400 times faster while keeping both their mechanical and healing properties. Indeed, composite structures made with HealTechTM can be healed at the exact same spot more than 60 times, and, as they maintain the shape during healing, there is no need for a mold and repair can be done in-place with a simple heat gun. As explained in the article, CompPair can drastically reduce repair time and maintenance cost for wind turbine blades and ships while reducing the environmental impact of composites thanks to better recycling at the end of life.

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