Composites Weekly podcast on CompPair

May 13th 2020 – Podcast with Jonathan Taylor from Composites Weekly

The Leading News and Information Podcast for the Composites & Advanced Materials Industry


Description of the podcast

This week Amaël Cohades, Ph.D., CEO of CompPair Technologies was welcomed by Jonathan Taylor to talk about CompPair healable and sustainable composites pre-impregnated textiles. He answered questions about the lifetime extension when applications are made with CompPair solution and the contribution to a circular economy in the composites market.


02:15 Overview of CompPair

04:05 Unique Healing properties

06.30 Healable damage

07.20 Possible applications and markets

08.30 Preservation of mechanical properties

10.26 Business model

12.14 Distribution

13.15 Lifetime and End-of-life management

14.26 Showcase in tradeshow


Listen to this podcast here:

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