Inspired by nature, CompPair builds healable composites through innovation.

At CompPair, we believe in a world without material waste. We support the sustainable development goals. Indeed, our vision is to contribute to take part in inclusive and sustainable industrialization, together with innovation and infrastructure, to promote responsible consumption and production.

Following 12 years of thorough research in self-healing composites, including the PhD of our CEO, we have developed smart and sustainable composite materials, which are able to repair themselves and be better recycled, bringing circularity to the composites industry. Current repair solutions are costly and time consuming; and recycling is most inexistent. We tackle these limitations and are leading a paradigm change for the industry. 

Our activities


CompPair can support their clients on various levels:

Prepreg providers: CompPair sells prepregs with an integrated healing technology. These are used to build composite structures with an intrinsic healing ability.

Customising to other reinforcements: CompPair’s resin systems can be combined with any reinforcements including natural fibres.

Customising our resin systems: CompPair’s strength is to adapt their resin systems to add and modify certain properties that are required for specific applications.

Support in repair mechanisms: CompPair can provide repair training or adapt repair mechanisms to suit their clients’ needs.

Implementation support: CompPair’s engineers can help implement the healable prepregs in the client’s manufacturing processes.

Life cycle analysis and eco-design: CompPair’s sustainability department can assist clients in designing composite products with a low carbon footprint.

For manufacturers

For manufacturers, CompPair makes production more efficient and brings a sustainable and quality differentiator to the market. CompPair products are compatible with current production, with comparable performances, while drastically reducing maintenance costs and improving repair quality.

For consumers

For consumers, CompPair saves time and money with a fast repair, all while keeping the integrity, the performance and the weight of the products constant (before, during and after repair). The product’s lifetime extension allows the consumer to benefit from the product for a longer period of time; reducing personal costs.

For the planet

For the planet, CompPair reduces waste during production and repair while extending the lifetime of products and recycling them better. We aim for a circular economy of composite products, including the reuse, repair, refurbishment and recovery of parts. This has the potential to save Mtons of CO2, due to a large reduction in resources.

Our unique technology acts during the whole lifetime of products, helping manufacturers, consumers, and the planet.