At CompPair, it all started by asking ”why?”

Why does everything we produce eventually break?

Why can’t we have better products, that last longer and create less waste?

Why can’t products be like nature, able to heal, live and decompose to form new life?


A world without material waste.

Dedicated to finding better solutions, our background is 12 years of research at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. This resulted in the invention of a new material able to repair itself and be better recycled.

Our technology acts during the whole lifetime of products: we reduce waste during production, we reduce waste during repair, we extend the lifetime of the parts and we can recycle them better. All of this while making repair faster and easier!


Now, we can help clients build better products that last longer and produce less waste. 

Together, we can build the world of tomorrow.


To create an infinite cycle in the composite industry: CompPair healable technology extends the lifetime of composites by repairing matrix damage. Once the fibres are damaged, the prepregs may not be healed. However, we are currently developing composite recycling, allowing us to recycle the parts and use the intact fibers to produce new products.

CompPair is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The team

We are a dynamic team of talents working with clients to build better products, that last longer and produce less waste, by working towards composite recycling.

Amaël Cohades
Amaël Cohades CEO & Co-founder
Robin Trigueira
Robin Trigueira CTO & Co-founder
Cecilia Scazzoli
Cecilia Scazzoli R&D Lead
Emilie Malek
Emilie Malek Marketing Manager
Paul Velut
Paul Velut Op. and Tech Support Lead
Luiggino Torrigiani
Luiggino Torrigiani Head of Partnerships
François Grandjean
François Grandjean Application Engineer
Eléonore Wild
Eléonore Wild Sustainability Manager
Bertrand Gresle
Bertrand Gresle Sales Executive
Luca Müller
Luca Müller Materials Engineer Manager
Julien Cretenoud
Julien Cretenoud Chemist Manager
Manon Sanchez
Manon Sanchez Chemist
Adrien Demongeot
Adrien Demongeot R&D Engineer
Silvio Anzalone
Silvio Anzalone Material Engineer
Nathan Peyron
Nathan Peyron Composites Technician

The board

Marie Ivorra Grosse
Marie Ivorra Grosse President of the Board
Thomas Rauber
Thomas Rauber Board Member
Christian Fischer
Christian Fischer Board Member
Amaël Cohades
Amaël Cohades CEO, Co-founder & Board Member
Robin Trigueira
Robin Trigueira CTO, Co-founder & Board Member


Véronique Michaud
Véronique Michaud Scientific Advisor and Co-founder
Marcel Gatti
Marcel Gatti Industry Advisor