About us

At CompPair, it all started by asking ”why?”

Why does everything we produce eventually break?

Why can’t we have better products, that last longer and create less waste?

Why can’t products be like nature, able to heal, live and decompose to form new life?


A world without material waste

Dedicated to finding better solutions, our background is 12 years of research at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. This resulted in the invention of a new material able to repair itself and be better recycled.

Our technology acts during the whole lifetime of products: we reduce waste during production, we reduce waste during repair, we extend the lifetime of the parts and we can recycle them better. All of this while making repair faster and easier!


We help clients build better products that last longer and produce less waste

Now, we can help clients build better products that last longer and produce less waste. Together, we can build the world of tomorrow.


Our objective is to create an infinite cycle in the composite industry: CompPair healable technology extends the lifetime of composites by repairing matrix damage, and, when the fibers are damaged, we may recycle the parts and use the intact fibers to produce new products.

CompPair is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The team

A pioneering team to bring healable and sustainable composites

Amaël Cohades

Amaël Cohades


Robin Trigueira

Robin Trigueira


Véronique Michaud

Véronique Michaud

Scientific Advisor

Emilie Malek

Emilie Malek


Nicolas Gandar

Nicolas Gandar

Finance & Sales

Cecilia Scazzoli

Cecilia Scazzoli

Technology Manager


Where to find us?

CompPair Technologies Ltd.

Chemin du Closel 5

CH-1020 Renens