May 29th 2020 – CompPair brings healable and sustainable composites for ultra-fast repair on earth and above with the ESA BIC CH incubation program


What is the ESA Business Incubation Centre Switzerland?

“The program offers broad support packages to entrepreneurs and young start-ups for exploiting space systems or technologies to develop their non-space business on earth or using a technology from earth for an application related to space.” 

The ESA BIC CH, existing all over Europe, already supported over 700 startups.


CompPair healable solution for space applications

The aim is to validate CompPair healable solution with space grade specifications and to broaden the product families portfolio. With this innovative system, space manufacturers could overcome repair issues due to damage, potentially also arising during a mission, contributing as well to increase sustainability.

Our goal is to have a clear confirmation that CompPair products are of interest for implementation in the space industry. CompPair highly versatile and durable solution will be exploited for potential space purposes thanks to the ESA BIC CH program.