CompPair receives Solar Impulse Foundation Label

April 14th 2020 – CompPair pre-impregnated textiles receive the Efficient Solution Label


What is the Solar Impulse Foundation and their label?

The Solar Impulse Foundation was founded following the success of the first solar flight, driven by Bertrand Piccard. As a protector of the environment, his action takes into consideration profitability and ecology to push the creation of efficient solutions answering to sustainability concerns and economic growth.

The Efficient Solution Label gathers 1000 solutions designated as profitable and bringing positive impact for the environment. They will be presented to decision makers across the world to inform them about reliable solutions ensuring viable growth while achieving ecological target.


CompPair pre-impregnated textiles as Efficient Solution

The solution was evaluated by experts who approved its technological feasibility, profitability and environment benefits. CompPair smart prepregs follow Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 13 of the United Nations.

With a self-healing mechanism background, this bio-inspired solution extending the lifetime of composite structures is compatible with current processes and can be implemented in multiple industries within the composites market. CompPair provides a highly versatile and durable solution that will be shared across the world thanks to the Solar Impulse Foundation.

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