What is a composite?
A composite, also called Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is composed of a resin (a matrix) reinforced with fibers such as carbon (CFRP) or glass fibers (GFRP). Thanks to their strength and lightweight properties, composites are used in various industries (sports, marine, wind and transport industries) to reduce weight and thus energy consumption.
What are CompPair products?

CompPair products are preimpregnated textiles (prepregs) used to build composite products. Our technology is currently available with various fiber type and architecture. Please contact us for additional information.

Why use CompPair composites?

CompPair invented a new material able to repair itself and be better recycled. Our technology acts during the whole lifetime of products: waste reduction during production and repair, lifetime extension and increased reliability through easy repair and recycling at the end of life. All of this while making repair faster and easier as well as keeping standard performances of benchmark composites! Feel free to contact us to understand better how CompPair can be useful to your products.

What is CompPair technology?

CompPair’s technology is a new kind of matrix for composite materials that is able to repair itself. CompPair’s technology can be used with various type of fiber and is currently available as a prepreg to build high quality composite products.

What is the repair process with CompPair technology?
HealTechTM allows you to repair damaged composite products in 1 minute, in place and without any additional material and processing step. All you need to do is to heat the part at moderate temperature, which can be done using a heat gun, a heat blanket, an oven. With CompPair, you do not have to sand, laminate and cure the parts, saving you valuable time while insuring the repair quality. Feel free to contact us for a more detailed process.
Is a mould required during repair?
No, products made with CompPair are able to heal while staying structural. The repair is done by heating the damaged part and can be done directly on site without any need for a mold or added pressure.
Are your composites structural during healing?
Yes, they are! Any structure can be regenerated on site in a few minutes without the need for molds or added pressure.
How does repair impact products made with CompPair?
With CompPair, repaired parts are like new. Contrary to current repair processes, which may compromise the integrity of the fibers (creating a weak spot) and change the weight and profile of the products (altering their performances), repairs with CompPair maintain the integrity, profile and weight of the original product. Even after 60 healing cycles, CompPair repaired products still recover 100% of their initial property and keep their healing capability.
Can CompPair composites repair fibers?
No, but many damage events into composites start by matrix damage, and the most important is to stop the propagation of such matrix damage and recover the load transfer between the composite layers.
Are your products some kind of patch to repair damage?
No, CompPair’s products are the base material to produce entire composite parts. Manufacturers need to use our materials during production to enable parts to heal and last longer. Our products replace other prepreg materials used to manufacture composite structures.
Is it really repaired in 1 minute?
Yes. On standard laminate thicknesses, repair takes only a minute. For thicker structures, as soon as the heat transfer is efficient, the healing mechanism will take place as fast and thus the whole process lasts only a few minutes.
Where to use CompPair prepregs?
CompPair prepregs can be used in a wide range of applications. Everywhere composites are used, CompPair composites can be used! See application page.
Is it a thermoplastic?
No, CompPair’s technology is closer to a thermoset. Mechanical performances are similar to epoxy and the composite stays structural during healing.
Can it be used with any type of fiber?
In principle, yes. CompPair’s technology is a new kind of matrix that is able to repair itself, it can be used with any type of fiber. Please contact us to learn more about our current offering.
What is the difference between traditional thermoset composites and CompPair composites?
CompPair composites meet the performances of traditional thermoset composites, while having the following added values: (i) an improved crack resistance, (ii) repeated healing of small damage events, (iii) compatibility with current manufacturing processes and (iv) improved recyclability.
What is the difference between CompPair prepregs and traditional prepregs?

Our prepregs have been designed to be as close as possible to standard prepregs, nothing speaks clearer than the feedback from the R&D and Technical Manager of a large composite manufacturer:


“The products from CompPair Technologies have a standard drapability, tack and curing process and are easily processed”

Is it complicated to work with CompPair’s prepreg?

No, our prepregs have been designed to meet current processing standards, the R&D and Technical Manager at a large composite manufacturer validated the process:


“The products from CompPair Technologies have a standard drapability, tack and curing process and are easily processed”


Please contact us for more information.

What is the cure cycle of your prepregs?
140°C for 3h. An additional postcure at 180°C for 2h can be made.
What is the Tg of CompPair prepregs?
The Tg (glass transition temperature) of our composites is close to the cure temperature. It will therefore stand in between 140 and 180°C. However, there is a slight decrease of mechanical properties during healing. Please contact us for more information.
What products do you have?
We have currently various carbon and glass textiles available, ranging from twill, to UD architectures, with different areal weights of fibers. Please contact us to know more.
What is the storage requirement for CompPair products? What is their shelf-life?
CompPair products need to be stored at -18°C like conventional prepregs. Storage in this condition is stable and last at least 18 months. At room temperature, our prepregs have a work life of 60 days.
Are CompPair prepregs compatible with any type of prepreg manufacturing?
In principle, yes! Contact us for more information on such compatibility. We have manufactured composites by autoclave, out-of-autoclave and under press.
Damage can be seen on glass composites, but how to see it on carbon composites?
Conventionally on composite structures, we use non-destructive techniques, like ultrasounds to analyze the damage. We can help you find the best non-destructive techniques for your application, feel free to contact us.
Can your prepregs be used for sandwich structures?
Yes. We have proven that foam sandwich panels can be repaired in less than 10 minutes with CompPair. Contact us for more information.