CompPair participe à l'événement Advanced Engineering, UK : un grand succès !

Au début du mois de novembre, l'équipe commerciale de CompPair a participé à Advanced Engineering, le plus grand rassemblement britannique d'équipementiers et de professionnels de la chaîne d'approvisionnement en ingénierie.

Before the event, we were nominated to participate in the Sustainability and Innovation trails. The aim was for visitors to follow the trails to discover respectively exhibitors with the most sustainable and green solutions and products to help reach net-zero goals, and exhibitors helping to develop the future of engineering and manufacturing.

Advanced Engineering gathered experts and professionals from all sectors who come together to network, learn and discover innovative new solutions and suppliers from the engineering supply chain across two action-packed days.

We collected a large number of contacts and have started discussing very interesting potential projects. We look forward to returning to the event next year!

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