MSM explains how HealTech improves composite reparation

MSM – Le Mensuel de l’Industrie is the Swiss media leader of technical production and automatisation – both digital and print. CompPair is proud to feature in a glowing article about healable composites and their effect on composite reparation.


In the article, composites’ current weaknesses, their sensibility to damage and long-term fatigue, are explained, and our product HealTechTM is highlighted as the optimal solution to improve composite repair, due to its reduction in repair time and cost, and reduction of waste. 


The CEO Amaël describes CompPair’s HealTechTM products. Nicolas, the Business Development Director, is also quoted. He talks about our current clients and promising sectors to penetrate: wind energy, automotive and aerospace, as they will benefit immensely from composite repair.


We would like to thank MSM for this well-written and informative article, which you can read online at (in French).

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