HealTech™ prepregs enable to build composites with reduced maintenance costs and extended lifetimes of final products

What is HealTech™?

HealTech™ is a technology allowing an ultra-fast and easy repair to extend the lifetime of composite parts, and reduce their CO2 emissions.

CompPair’s first product family is available as prepregs with different fibers and architectures. These products are compatible with current prepreg production processes.

Using HealTech™ prepregs brings several benefits to manufacturers, end-users and the planet. Benefits include lowered maintenance and production costs, a 400 times faster repair, production defects reduction, downtime reduction, improved operational efficiencies and a largely improved life-cycle analysis.

By helping our clients build better composite products that last longer and produce less waste, we provide a clear added value to the consumers while drastically reducing the carbon footprint of composite structures. .

How does it work?

Composite structures built using HealTech™prepregs have an intrinsic healing capacity. Composite parts that have suffered matrix damage events can be repaired in-stitu ina couple minutes thanks to the prepreg technology.

The healing process is very simple. The damaged area of the composite part needs to be heated at moderate temperature (100-150°C), which can be done using a heat gun, a heated blanket, an oven, etc. After a couple minutes, the part while have regained its structure and properties and can be used once again.

Contrary to current repair processes, which may compromise the integrity of the fibres (creating a weak spot) and change the weight and profile of the products (altering their performances), repair with HealTech™ results in a renewed composite structure. Recovering 100% of mechanical properties after repair, the structure also maintains its integrity, profile, and weight.

Why use HealTech™ prepregs?

HealTech™ prepregs help clients, consumers and the planet. 

  • For manufacturers, HealTech™ makes production more efficient and brings a sustainable and quality differentiator to the market.
  • For consumers, HealTech™ saves time and money with a fast repair keeping the integrity, the performance and the weight of the products.
  • For the planet, HealTech™ reduces waste during production and repair while extending the lifetime of products and recycling them better.

Where can the HealTech™ technology be used?

HealTech™ can be used anywhere composites are used to produce parts able to repair delaminations in only a few minutes.


Healing damage events on the hull, mast or foils, while being resistant to water


Impacts and various cracks can be healed in kayaks, bikes, hockey sticks, etc.


Healing fatigue and impact damage events directly on the blade with no loss of the structural capacity


In aerospace, automotive or rail, composite cracks seen in critical and non critical locations can be healed easily at minor costs


Fatigue damage of composite structures can be repaired very quickly without losing the structural capacity

’’The products from CompPair have a standard drapability, tack and curing process and are easily processed by our technicians.’’

– Technical Manager of a major composites manufacturer

Some demonstrations

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