CompPair has developed a unique self-healing composite technology to reduce maintenance costs, reduce manufacturing defects and extend the lifetime of composites. The result of 12 years of research at EPFL in Switzerland, HealTech™ is a new type of resin giving composite materials the ability to heal cracks and delaminations in a few minutes. Made with HealTech™, composite structures can be fully repaired on site as the parts stay structural during healing.


Seconds to repair


Damage regeneration


Healing cycles demonstrated


Crack resistance

CompPair’s self-healing composite technology is a ground-breaking innovation, enabling the production of composite structures that can heal damage on site in 1 minute.

Delaminations and porosities are healed autonomously in 1 to 5 minutes by heating the part at a temperature between 100°C and 150°C.

Parts can be repaired more than 60 times without losing their mechanical properties nor their healing capability.

The products from CompPair have a standard drapability, tack and curing process and are easily processed.

CompPair technology meets benchmark composite performances and stays structural during healing, no mold or pressure needed. CompPair composites have a toughness (i.e. crack resistance) in average 30% higher than benchmark ones.

CompPair technology allows a better recycling of the fibers, keeping most of their properties.

Repaired parts recuperate 100% of their mechanical properties while keeping their weights and profile unchanged.


CompPair wishes to offer prepregs with the lowest impact on the planet.
To reduce the impact of the fibres in semi-product prepregs the company is providing sustainable fibre options.

How to repair HealTech™ composite parts

When a composite part made with HealTech™ prepregs has been damaged,
the repair is simple and fast.

Standard tools needed for a 2 minute in-situ repair :

  • Heat gun reaching a 450°C temperature
  • Preferably a heat scanner to control the temperature
Repair Method
  1. Identify the damaged part and ensure the composite is made of CompPair materials.
  2. Turn on the heat gun to 450°C.
  3. Position the nozzle about 20-30 cm perpendicular to the surface until you reach the correct temperature of 100°C.
    This should take 1-2 minutes depending on the thickness of the part.
  4. Turn off the heat gun and the heat scanner. Before storing, allow the heat gun to cool down by placing it nozzle up.
  5. The composite part has been repaired and can be used immediately after repair.
  6. Repeat this cycle when your composite parts are damaged.

Visual healing corresponds to mechanical self-healing composites

Impact damage representative of a real part application

Impact fully healed in 3 minutes simply using a heat gun