The Fondation pour l’Innovation Technologique allocates 100’000 CHF to CompPair

CompPair Technologies has obtained a Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000 from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT). Originating from the EPFL Laboratory for Processing of Advanced Composites (LPAC), the start-up brings on the market healable and sustainable composite material solutions to improve circularity.

Composites materials made of carbon, glass or natural fibres and used in marine, sport, windmill, aerospace and automotive industries are, by design, sensitive to damage due to the embedding resin’s properties. To reduce repair time and costs, CompPair has developed pre-impregnated textile products integrating a novel chemistry to manufacture structural composites. The production of healable and sustainable composite materials enables to extend their life-time and improve recycling and circularity. The first product family of CompPair includes glass and carbon fibre textiles that can be used to manufacture composites with key properties: repeated damage healing, improved crack resistance, improved recycling.

Incorporated in January 2020 by Amaël Cohades, Robin Trigueira and Véronique Michaud, the start-up already counts five team-members with expertise in materials and mechanical engineering as well as in marketing, sales and financing. With the support of five other grants and five awards, CompPair has raised traction and is now fundraising in order to secure their market entry, extend the team and settle globally.

“The FIT loan will specifically contribute to the production settlement of CompPair pre-impregnated products and to secure first stocks to be delivered to clients, with some contribution to pilots in the marine and sport industries”, explained Amaël Cohades, CEO and co-founder of CompPair. The start-up expects to make its first sales during 2020 and to grow further in larger markets by 2023, with the extension of the portfolio up to 7 product families.

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